[AKB48] Reaction about Maeda Atsuko's Graduation

It's almost 2 months now since Acchan (Maeda Atsuko)

announced her graduation at Saitama Super Arena (3rd day of their concert; 03.25.12)

When I saw that article at TokyoHive,

I was really shocked about it. 

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[AKB48] My Top 10 Favorite Members

My Top 10 Favorite AKB Members 


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[AKB48] History of my AKB Addiction. lol

Actually, I've been a fan of them

only since last December 2011

and I'm not so active to know them well

for almost 3months because I focused more on Hey! Say! JUMP

and school stuffs at the same time.  (I guess) 

So, I started to search about them when vacation starts.

I searched about them because I'm so bored at that time

and there's no HSJ updates  (gomen )

For almost 2months now,  I think I've known them well now

by just watching their documentaries, some movies,

PVs, PV makings, dramas, theater performances, concerts etc.

and now I have  64.46 gb folder size in my laptop 

and it's larger than my HSJ folder 

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My Favorite Members List

Just like what I have shown you on my "About Me" post

I'm addicted to Super Junior, Hey! Say! JUMP, Sexy Zone and AKB48

and each of that group, I have a favorite member.

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