[AKB48] History of my AKB Addiction. lol

Actually, I've been a fan of them

only since last December 2011

and I'm not so active to know them well

for almost 3months because I focused more on Hey! Say! JUMP

and school stuffs at the same time.  (I guess) 

So, I started to search about them when vacation starts.

I searched about them because I'm so bored at that time

and there's no HSJ updates  (gomen )

For almost 2months now,  I think I've known them well now

by just watching their documentaries, some movies,

PVs, PV makings, dramas, theater performances, concerts etc.

and now I have  64.46 gb folder size in my laptop 

and it's larger than my HSJ folder 


Like what I said on my other post, my Oshi is Maeda Atsuko 

so the first drama that I watched is Q10

and by that time, I'm really hooked up with Acchan 

I searched more about the dramas that she participated with.

After Q10, I noticed that Majisuka Gakuen have part 2

so I watched it also (both part 1 & 2) and I don't have

any regrets on downloading all of it's episodes and even makings 

My AKB drama marathon continued with Sakura kara no tegami

followed by Shiori to Shimiko no kaiki jikenbo

(this drama is so hard to find )

and recently, I've watched Hana Kimi remake.

Actually, at first, I don't have any intention to watch this drama

because I really don't like the Natsu and Sano of this remake 

but since Acchan was there, I have to watch it 

All of the scenes that Sano and Acchan have, there's no "Kilig Factor"

specially in this scenes  I really hate it 


I also watched some of the movies like

Moshidora (Acchan & Miichan), Ashita no watashi no tsukurikata

and Densen Uta.

this movies was followed by their documentaries, and by watching this,

I found out all of the difficulties that they experienced before

they become the "International Idols" 


I guess this post will be so long if I'll tell all of the videos

that I watched just to know more about them 

All I can say is, after knowing them,

I now have my Top 10 favorite members 


  1. we have a lot in common about acchan ..
    Q10 is the first drama that I have ...
    The next, majisuka Gakuen 1 and 2, hana kimi, sakura no Tegami, Saikou no Jinsei no owarakita, and moshidora ...I don't really like hana kimi too because I hate sano ...n_n
    I haven't had Shiori to shimiko no keiki jikenbo, Sahita no watashi no tsurikata, and Densen uta .. if you have, can you post on this blog so I can download it ...please

    1. I haven't watch Saikou no jinsei ..
      I don't know why I don't feel watching it .. xD

      I'll try to upload it or redirect you to the site where I downloaded it ^^

    2. thank you ...
      I'll wait for your post...^o^


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