[AKB48] My Top 10 Favorite Members

My Top 10 Favorite AKB Members 


10. Itano Tomomi (Team K)


9. Kashiwagi Yuki (Team B Captain)


8. Kojima Haruna (Team A)


7. Matsui Jurina SKE48 (AKB member also. currently in Team K)


6. Matsui Rena (SKE48)


5.  Takahashi Minami (Team A Captain)

 I really admire the way she handle the other members,

not only the Team A, but the WHOLE AKB48

and it's sister groups (if they have concerts)


4. Shinoda Mariko (Team A)

 based on what I saw on the videos,

I think that she's like a sister than you can lean on at any times

(I can feel it xD)

even though Aki-P was expected her to graduate first rather than Acchan,

I still don't want her to graduate because I always want to see her lively smile

(just like Acchan )


3. Watanabe Mayu (Team B)

 Even though we're at the same age,

I want her to be my younger sister. lol 

It's because of her cuteness and specially her petite voice 


2.  Oshima Yuko (Team K)

 I found her as a comedian of AKB.

(I like the way she said that AKB is a Japanese comedians

in Shukan AKB in Guam )

I like her when she's full of energy.


1. Maeda Atsuko (Team A)


 First, just like Marichan, I like her wide lively smile 

and also being childish even though she's turning 21 this July 10 

All in all, I like everything on her,

that's why she's my No. 1  


As you can see, it's only the top 5 which have a caption/reason why I like them.

It's because I really idolize those 5 girls. 

And if all of them will graduate, I'll quit of being an AKB fan 

Take a look at my Current Oshi list 


  1. wow.... i love you all... special for JURINA MATSUI ....... ^^

  2. Itano is my number 1. Always. And my age. After that I am unsure of which would rank which...I like Yuki, Yuko, DID Minegashi hm. I like Jurina but I mean, she's kind of waaay below my age of 21 so : /
    And I never liked Maeda. No logic to base this. She just wan't very cute (but she has been they just do her up rarely) and to me, personality I dunno. I grew into her though..she is adorable to me now. And I'm probably going to see how the solo is. Hope it's good!


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