[AKB48] Reaction about Maeda Atsuko's Graduation

It's almost 2 months now since Acchan (Maeda Atsuko)

announced her graduation at Saitama Super Arena (3rd day of their concert; 03.25.12)

When I saw that article at TokyoHive,

I was really shocked about it. 

"I'm not so addicted to her and AKB at this time! Why she will graduate?!!" 

that's the only thing that I can say when I read that article.

At first, I'm really against on her graduation.

She's the center of AKB for almost 6years and she also have a nice career on it,

then why she will leave?   

I have so many thoughts when she announced it, like:

-> Even though she said that she want to achieve her next goal in life (to be an actress)

I still don't get it, she can be a member and an actress at the same time. 

-> Why TakaMina did not stopped or against with her decision?

-> What will happen to AKB now?

-> Who will be the next center and face of AKB?

-> This graduation will definitely affect AKB.

-> The future singles of AKB will be "MAEDA-LESS" ! 

-> Does she can be a successful solo artist or even an actress?

-> What will happen if she can't be successful at that field?

-> I hope she can come back at AKB anytime. 


I have that kind of thoughts before, but now, I understand why she will leave.

and we, her fans, we couldn't do anything about it

we just have to support her dreams. 

I'll miss your voice with the other AKB members,

I'll miss you performing with them,

I'll miss you when you're with them 

We wish you all the BEST Acchan!


("Ganbatte, Acchan!"; Sayounara, Acchan!)


Oh no! My other Oshi were sad 

  By the way, Goodluck my other Oshis on the 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo 

1. Oshima Yuko

2. Watanabe Mayu

3. Shinoda Mariko

4. Takahashi Minami

 Go for the 1st place Yuko or Mayu! 

and go higher Marichan and TakaMina than the last Senbatsu Sousenkyo 

make me stay on being an AKB fan even without Acchan 

*Edited for Additional Details*

Woaaaahh!! Since I'm not at home yesterday, I just read this article today.

AKB48 reveals dates for Tokyo Dome concert

+ Maeda Atsuko’s graduation

The dates for AKB48’s Tokyo Dome concert and Maeda Atsuko’s graduation have finally been revealed!

AKB48 will hold their first Tokyo Dome concert on August 24th, 25th, and 26th. This was announced byTakahashi Minami through AKB48’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, Takahashi holds an interview with Yomiuri Shimbun chairman and executive directorWatanabe Tsuneo. While they talk about “dreams”, chairman Watanabe reveals that the group will be holding a 3-day live at Tokyo Dome. In response, Takahashi shows a surprised expression saying, “I’m sorry, I just found out now!

As previously reported, Maeda Atsuko will be graduating after the group’s concerts at Tokyo Dome, August 27th. Takahashi commented, People may be thinking that this is the turning point for AKB48, or that this is our last stop. But once we reach the goal line, Tokyo Dome, we want to change that into the start line, and have people watch us grow from there.

 So Acchan will really graduate at Tokyo Dome (since it's also her dream to perform at Tokyo Dome) 

I don't know what to do. Waaaaaaa~ ! Acchaaaaaaaaaannn! Don't leave AKB 

just like what TakaMina said, This may be their turning point or maybe their last stop. I can feel that Acchan's graduation really affects AKB's career. 

Doushite Acchan? Doushiteeeeeeeee??!!! 


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