My Favorite Members List

Just like what I have shown you on my "About Me" post

I'm addicted to Super Junior, Hey! Say! JUMP, Sexy Zone and AKB48

and each of that group, I have a favorite member.

so let's start with Super Junior

I like this guy when I saw his picture on google when

I'm searching for Se7en.

I never knew that he's a member of SuJu,

because I really don't know that Suju exists at that time  

so let's say that he's the reason why I'm addicted to SuJu now  

He is Kim Kibum 

and the other one is Lee Sungmin 

I really like his baby face and his smile 

 Hey! Say! JUMP 

for this group that can make your heart "JUMP",

I present you Mr. "Chinen Yuri" and "Yamada Ryosuke" 

 Sexy Zone 

First, I noticed this guy on the NYC's pic

(a group of Nakayama, Yamada & Chinen)

I think he's still a junior at that time.

I noticed him because he looks like my crush 

and later on, I'm glad that he's one of the chosen members of Sexy Zone >.<

He is Nakajima Kento 


At first, I don't like her when I saw the AKB's performance

of their single "River" on a certain TV show.

It's only my friend who said that she's cute.

when I'm searching for their other PVs,

I end up watching the PV of "Bingo!"

and I noticed this girl because of her lively smile 

I immediately told to my friend that I like that member >.<

and I was shocked when she said,

"She's the girl that I'm talking about.

from the River Live performance that you watched"

All I can say at that time is,


as always, I researched about her and I found out that she's

the Face of AKB48 

and she is one of the First Generation members of it

and she is "Atsuko Maeda" 

as the months passes by,

I'm shocked and sad when I saw an article on TokyoHive

that she announced that she'll graduate from AKB 

she announced it on the 3 day concert in Saitama Super Arena.

and lately, Aki-P posted on his Google+ that he had a talk with Acchan

and it's finally confirmed that she will graduate in Akihabara Theatre

on the day after their Tokyo Dome Concert.

Almost all of AKB PVs, Acchan was there.

I think this graduation will definitely change AKB.

the time for the Change of Generation, just like what Yuko said.


 "The Smile that I can't resist" 


  1. Just want to correct you that Acchan will graduate at the theater, where everything started on August 27, 1 day after the concert

  2. Yeah. Gomen .. I posted this when the details of her graduation is not yet clear :)
    I haven't update this yet ^^''


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