Maeda Atsuko's Scandal

Shunkan Bushun released Maeda Atsuko's scandal photos with the actor Sato Takeru.

(for translations: AKBWrapUp)


It's almost 2 weeks of her peaceful graduation then ........
what is this all about?!!
What the heck is going on?!!
I can accept if she's caught dating with this Sato Takeru,
I can accept if they caught them in a restaurant or something but
a scandal like this is totally a s**t !!

I really don't like the way she had been carried!! grr!!
damn man, didn't you notice that she's wearing a dress?!!!
I don't hate him, it's just I hate the way he carried our princess >.<
I'm really irritated when I saw that. is that the way he wanted to help the drunk Acchan?

and why you made my Ace cry?!
what did you do to her?!
If the other rumors are true that she graduated because of you,
I and the other fans will surely hunt to kill you~!
What's going on between the two of you?! grr!

I wonder how Acchan will react on this. I know (a bit?) her character or behavior
and I hope that what I'm thinking now about her new movie or drama or anything about her career will not happen >.<
I'm still hoping a better career for her since it's what she wanted, that's why she graduated in AKB.
In spite of this, I'm still her fan and I'll continue on supporting her.
Ganbatte Acchan! 

We should wait for more details about this.
We need explanations! >.<
This scandal really made my day worse!
I'm also worried about Harugon and Yuko since they are included in this scandal and they are STILL in AKB >.<


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