My very first Idol Stuff

I just received this AKB48 4th Album today (After a month?)

So this is my first Idol stuff that I bought. Of all the Idol groups that I've been addicted to, they (AKB48) are the only one that made me or encouraged me to buy this album. At first, I thought of buying Acchan's second single before but I end up waiting for a download link of it because I can't find someone who can buy it for me.

Then when this album announced, I thought of just waiting for a download link again BUT when they revealed it's tracklist, my fan girling and OTP radar went wild when I saw Atsumina and KojiYuu's unit !!!  I was like, "Oh my God!! I need to buy thiiiisss~!"  I didn't give up on finding someone who can buy this for me so I end up having this 


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