[AKB48] UZA First Day Sales

AKB48's 28th Single - "UZA" First Day Sales

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3. Nakayama Yuma - Missing Pieces (14749)



To commemorate the release of their latest 28th single "UZA" Laforet displayed edgy fashion of AKB48 on it's shop outer wall at Harajuku from 10.31 to 11.6.

Source: Ameba | Oricon

Here are the other images of the members:

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Billboard Japan Music Award 2012

Voting period will start November 1 - 15 23:59 JST

Woah! I don't know how will I react on this >.<
Maeda Atsuko, My Kami-Oshi and former AKB member will compete will AKB48~!! Both of them are on the Top Pop Artist >.<
Whom I will support? AKB or Acchan? or Both? XD
Well, I wish them luck. I'll accept whoever of them will win :)

On my own opinion, I think ..... Acchan will not win on this (but I'm still hoping for it XD). I mean, that is not her forte. She's more on dramas now and she like it. So I guess she doesn't care about this much unlike the time that she's still in AKB :)
So Ganbatte Acchan & AKB48! Fighting! :)


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