[AKB48] 28th Single - UZA Full PV + MP3

 AKB48 - UZA 

Check out the full PV here:

Download HD Quality PV RIP:
password: uzakaru
size: 10.6mb | 320kbps

hmm .. the others were right, Jurina got more screen time. I thought it was double center? But why it ended like that? tss~ and this, why Mayuyu was beside Jurina on the first part? I think that should be Yuko -.-
Maybe this is their way of readying the fans for the next generation's center/s.
Anyway, my Oshis look so beautiful specially Nyan-nyan and Yuko 

Somehow, I found Jurina so cool in this PV :3 It suits her style :3

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