[AKB48] Sugar Rush - Wreck-It Ralph Ending Theme + DL Link [Fixed]

AKB48 - Sugar Rush

AKB48 sang the Ending theme of the arcade video game that turn into movie "Wreck-It Ralph". This song was entitled "Sugar Rush" and it was written by Producer and founder of AKB48, Akimoto Yasushi. This will be the first time that an original song of a Japanese artist will be used as a theme for the global release of a Disney film.

Producer Clark Spencer said, "We've always thought of Sugar Rush---with its nod to anime---as a game that may have originated in Japan. So we went to Japan and got the hottest J-pop group to perform the song that really sets the tone for this '90's-era cart-racing game: young and hip'"

Download MP3 Here:
password: http://achuuru48.blogspot.com/
Note: Change the file type from .karu48 to .rar

Source: Official Website | San Francisco Business Times

Sugar Rush PV Preview

Directed by: Ninagawa Mika

Oshima Yuko | Takahashi Minami | Kojima Haruna | Shinoda Mariko | Itano Tomomi
Watanabe Mayu | Kashiwagi Yuki | Shimazaki Haruka | Kawaei Rina | Matsui Jurina

-The girls are really now going international >.< So happy for them >.<


  1. Link is dead. Please fix it..

  2. i think there is a different password....

    1. the password is right :)
      try to use the latest version of winrar (4.2)

  3. tried the password with 4.2, doesn't work :0

  4. OMG, please, thank you so much!


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