Billboard Japan Music Award 2012

Voting period will start November 1 - 15 23:59 JST

Woah! I don't know how will I react on this >.<
Maeda Atsuko, My Kami-Oshi and former AKB member will compete will AKB48~!! Both of them are on the Top Pop Artist >.<
Whom I will support? AKB or Acchan? or Both? XD
Well, I wish them luck. I'll accept whoever of them will win :)

On my own opinion, I think ..... Acchan will not win on this (but I'm still hoping for it XD). I mean, that is not her forte. She's more on dramas now and she like it. So I guess she doesn't care about this much unlike the time that she's still in AKB :)
So Ganbatte Acchan & AKB48! Fighting! :)


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