Maeda Atsuko to star in a Horror Movie

It is now confirmed that former AKB48 Ace Member, Maeda Atsuko will have or will be a cast in a upcoming horror movie which is entitled, "Kuroyuri Danchi". It is said to be in theaters on May 2013 and directed by the famous director of The Ring Series: Hideo Nakata.

Maeda will be with Hiroki Narimiya as lead cast.

Source: Eiga

OM~! My Acchan :"> She's more on movies now. I'm so happy for her :">
If I'm not mistaken, she still have a movie with a Chinese actor, but because of the Japan-China relationship status now, I think it's a bit delayed but it's not cancelled (?)

More movies, more dramas etc. for Acchan. It's the only thing that can make Acchan wota alive! 
oh and also blog updates. hoho! 


  1. i like your blog because my oshi is Acchan too...

    I wait for the next post about Acchan...

    for all the posts about acchan I say,,
    arigatou gozaimasu....


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