「Oshima Yuko」大島湯子, お誕生日おめでとう

(Otanjoubi Omedetou, Yuuchan!)

It's already 17th of October now in Japan, so I will greet you a very Happy Birthday, My Dear Squirrel . Even though I started to dislike you at first, I can't believe that you're my Oshi now in the group and it's all because of your being a comedian. As the time passes by that I known about AKB much, my first impression to you changed. You're a person that can make everyone laugh (and I like it ). My addiction to you was added because of your love towards Nyan-nyan  I like it when you're always initiating to kiss her or to touch her. 

More birthdays to come Yuuchan. I wish you'll have your special day with your special someone (Nyan-nyan) My imaginations are going wild again

Here's what's I've made for her Birthday
(Click for bigger version)

(Used for Special Chapter of Betrayal towards a new Love Sequel Fanfic)

Added (12.10.19)


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