[Random] KojiYuu's shipping madness

Because of their recent Weekly Playboy Magazine, I and all the KojiYuu shippers are going crazy 
My Goooood~ Until now, I can't move on on their wedding  Their lovely pictures are making me insane everytime I look at it . On my phone, my Wallpaper is their pic. and I'm not contended on it so I add some picture widget .

When I searched again for their pictures on google and tumblr, I found out that this is their THIRD TIME WEDDING. 
The first one is in Guam:

Second was in Korea:

 And finally, in Japan: 

Here I am again, I have a big smile with matching wiggling while making this post  I can't control myself  I am super duper happy for them. hmm. They're married 3 times, then what's next? Honeymoon? hoho! Next Shukan Bunshun: Oshima Yuko and Kojima Haruna's Honeymoon Revealed! (here I am again with my imagination)

Here is the translation of their interview about this mag. :)

-Well, and now you're flirting each other exceeded the limit and finally ......
Yuko: We'd get married~!!
Nyan-nyan: But actually this is what we've been told by fans, especially female overseas fans.

-Whoa! Can you elaborate a little more on that?
Nyan-nyan: Actually we have many foreign fans, and often be told, "Kojima-san when will get married with Yuko?" *lol*

-So foreign female fans like "Girls frolicking with each other"? By the way, what about Japanese fans?
Yuko: On the contrary, they have a burning rivalry against us. They're like "Can I take NyanNyan from you?" "Yuko is mine, not yours".

-Wow haha that's pretty interesting. This time, the 4th album 1830m contains the song "Scandalous ni Ikou" by KojiYuu, the unit  comprises you two and  now fans are very passionate about KojiYuu. Anyways, so now you guys are married. What kind of family you want to have together?
Yuko: Because it's fun to be with NyanNyan, I want to have a cheerful family!
Nyan-Nyan: Yeah, it will be very bright and cheerful family.

-Well, okay then, for the last, may I ask you to leave a message to fans?
Yuko: Ah, so we'd been  a sort of husband and wife of many years for these years, but this time we finally get married. So please never ever say "Please give me my dear NyanNyan!" again to me!!
Nyan-Nyan: Yep! yep!
Yuko: Oh, besides, we will cook meals by a rota system. But don't mix dog food with our meals. I'm worried about this because someone often put snacks for dogs on a kitchen counter.
Nyan-Nyan: Oh yeah~ I've put it~ But don't worry, I won't mix it up with our meals! *lol*

Credits: akb48wrapup

I suddenly remember my Atsumina  I miss seeing them together  Thank god there's still KojiYuu in AKB 

I wonder if they will also get married like KojiYuu. but I think it'll be impossible now since Acchan left AKB 


  1. Ouh..hy!

    May i ask are they really married for real or is it just for the magazine?


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