[Random] My Current AKB48's Oshi List

Since Acchan (Maeda Atsuko) graduated from the group and as the time passes by, I've known the members more than before I first knew them. Of course, Acchan will always be my Number 1 oshi/idol etc. but because she left, I need to find a new Oshi or set of Oshi's.  Douzo! 

1. Oshima Yuko -Ranked Up-
As usual, at first, I really don't like her that much. I don't know why. but now, guess what? I'm addicted to her  (but not much compared to Acchan). I like her smile with her squirrel teeth  Then I like when she's with my second Oshi  when she's always insisting to be with her, forcing to kiss her etc.  and what I like her the most is being a comedian and making funny faces 

2. Kojima Haruna -Ranked Up-
She's the top 8 of my previous Oshi list ranking. Woah! She ranked up to two? >.< Because of their cat and squirrel tandem of Yuko, I learned to like her. I found her so cute specially when she's being an airhead sometimes  and also rejecting the touches and kisses of my dear Yuko . I got hooked-up with her when I watched their drama Mendol. Damn! She's so handsome in there  and it continued when I searched about their sub-unit 'No3b or No Sleeves'  As of now, that sub-group is the one that I like the most . Like Yuko, I did not like her when I first saw her, I found her so beautiful and didn't know how to be cute so I slightly ignored her 

3. Takahashi Minami -Ranked Up-
Top 5 before. Like my Ichiban and Niban, I didn't like her at first. The reason why I like her before was she's really great on managing not only the whole AKB but also the other sister groups. I admire her sense of leadership  Before, when I watched their drama 'Mendol', everytime that I saw her in pictures, PVs, TV guestings etc. I always see her as a 'MAN'  Then when I know more about her, I found out that it's not only me seeing her as a MAN but also the other members of AKB and sister groups  She's TAKAPAPA 

4. Shinoda Mariko
Like what I said before, I think she's like a sister that you can lean on at any times even though sometimes, she's just trolling around (that's the reason why I like her)  hmm .. I don't know the other reason why I found myself liking her. It's just, I want her to stay longer in AKB 

5. Watanabe Mayu
She's so damn cute. That's it  I ranked her at Top 3 before but it seems that Nyannyan (KojiHaru)  and Takamina defeated her when I got addicted to No3b 

6. Matsui Jurina
The 15 yrs. old Team K member of AKB and Team S of SKE  I like her more when she's being childish and not a mature one 

7. Matsui Rena

8. Kashiwagi Yuki

9. Shimazaki Haruka | Kawaei Rina


10. Itano Tomomi

I don't know how to explain the rest  It's just I like them. Period!  There's a new member on my Oshi list now, and she is Shimazaki Haruka .. I don't know why but I see Acchan on her  I have noticed that most of my Oshis are now ....... old (not much)  like Yuko, KojiHaru and Mariko >.< I hope they will stay longer in AKB. They are the pillars of AKB now, the old members >.<

Other Oshis:
AKB48 - Takeuchi Miyu, Iriyama Anna & Shimada Haruka
SKE48 - Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, Yagami Kumi & Kizaki Yuria
NMB48 - Watanabe Miyuki (AKB48 Team B) & Yamamoto Sayaka
JKT48 - Shania Junianatha & Melody Nurramdhani Laksani


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