[Random] OTP that I ship badly

I really don't like Yuri much but when it's about these AKB couples ............... I don't mind it if it's Yuri or not  Whenever I'm seeing pictures, videos etc. about them, I'm being a crazy shipper suddenly  I got addicted to this shipping thing when I started reading fanfics about them and due to my addiction, I wrote my own fic about them 

These are the couples that I ship badly  Douzo!

Atsumina (Atsuko and Minami)

Best Pictures ever 
I really miss seeing these two 
They were so sweet specially when Acchan's graduation is near 

KojiYuu (Kojima and Yuko)

And the recent Magazine scans that I love is this
KojiYuu's Wedding 

These two couples are interchangeable sometimes 
Yuko got Acchan and Takamina got KojiHaru 
Before the bunshun scandal of Acchan, the fans knew that Yuko and Acchan (w/ Harugon) are living in the same appartment .. hmm .. that's why the AtsuYuu shippers are going crazy 
Actually, on my own opinion, I only see them as rivals, a friendly rivals :)

Maybe the reason why both of them got separated during the team shuffle in Tokyo Dome concert because Acchan and Yuko said it to Aki-P .. lol  Some of AKBingo episodes where both of them are present, they always got these mysterious eye to eye contact of peeking at each other .. hmm 

Tsk .. This two midgets are being flirty sometimes -.- 


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