[Random] Planning to Buy these Stuffs

I'm having a hard time again if I will still buy UZA single or not. Ugh -.- I'm starting to like the song, its PV and even the cool costumes with the dance choreo BUT when the Covers Released .........
I'm a bit disappointed because I expected a lot on it. I'm expecting a cool edits with cool positions of the senbatsus etc. then all that I got was black and white covers with a touch of yellow and pink for the title. tss~ On my own opinion, I think it doesn't represent how cool the PV is. It doesn't have any resemblance on it. -.-

Well, we'll see if I will buy that single or not buy for now, here are the items that I'm planning to buy :)

Acchan's Memorial Photo Book
-Actually I'm not planning for it, I will actually buy this >.<

The book before their TD Concert :)

Tokyo Dome Concert DVD
-I suddenly want to have this even though it's too expensive >.<
But if no3b will release a single, my plan on buying this will be ruin XD

(Still no screenshots about it)
Maeda Atsuko's Memorial Calendar (Wall and Desktop Calendar)

If I'm done on buying those, I will buy next Acchan's First and Second Single: Flower and Kimi wa Boku da so at least I have my Oshi's single 
then her Bukiyou Photobook and followed by Takamina's Single (If she will release right after :))

I've said that I will only buy singles/albums that does have a voting ticket so I will follow it to avoid spending too much money 
Since I already have an Album, I want to have some Singles, Photobooks and Concert DVD with some AKB accessories :)


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