[AKB48] Music Video Request 2012 Results

Here is the result of Music Video Request 2012 that the voting ticket was in their Album "1830m". The top 3 will be included in their 29th Single Eien Pressure

  1. Team B Oshi (7,236)
  2. First Rabbit (4,244)
  3. Sakura no Hanabiratachi - Maeda Atsuko Solo Version (4,173)
  4. Shonichi (2,792)
  5. Shoujotachi yo! (2,600)
  6. Nakinagara Hohoende (2,102)
  7. Itoshiki Natasha (2,000)
  8. Kimi to Boku no Kankei (1,941)
  9. Yokaze no Shiwaza (1,828)
  10. Hashire! Penguin (1,826)
  11. Heart Gata Virus (1,776)
  12. Only Today (1,525)
  13. Omoide no Hotondo (1,366)
  14. Avocado Jane~shi.. (1,292)
  15. Mammoth (1,280)
  16. Plastic no Kuchibiru (1,250)
  17. Temodemo no Namida (1,219)
  18. Scandalous ni Ikou (1,084)
  19. Sougen no Kiseki (1,038)
  20. Kanojo ni Naremasu ka? (953)
Since Acchan graduated from the group, the PV for her solo is just compilation of video footage of her AKB days. AKS said that they will not use graduated members.

At first, I'm really hoping for Acchan to accept this for the last time but later on I thought that we/I should respect her decision (her graduation) plus AKS announced before that they will not use graduated members. So now I'm hoping that they will use footage that fans did not saw already :)
For the Team B Oshi, I'm not so surprised about it since it's the all time favorite song of fans next to Hebirote. For the second one, the First Rabbit, it's really a nice song so I'm glad that it's part of the top 3 :)

Actually, I voted for Scandalous ni Ikou XD At that time, I'm thinking what song will I vote, if I will vote for Omoide or Sakura no Hana (Acchan's ver.) then it'll be useless since Acchan will graduate soon. Tss~ better luck next time my KojiYuu. I'll vote that song again for the RH2013 .. xD


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