[AKB48] No3b 9th Single

After the two delays of this 9th single, finally they announced that this Untitled single will be released on January 16, 2013. No3b will record their PV on November 18 and good news! Fans can be part of their PV! You can apply and check the other details here.

1,500 people who reserve the Regular Edition through Sony Music Shop will be chosen out of lottery to attend a video shoot event on November 18th. The participants’ names will be included in the credits of the music video. The reservation period is set from November 5th at 12:00 pm to the 7th at 12:00 am.

Source: Sony Music

Check out their performance here.

Finally, my favorite AKB sub unit will release their 9th single after a long time >.< So this is it, I still can't buy their Tokyo Dome Concert DVD because of these releases. Last week I already ordered UZA and Acchan's Memorial PB so now, my wallet doesn't have any money inside >.< Anyway, this will end if I already have at least one of important stuffs in AKB :D


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