[AKB48] NTV Best Artist 2012

Check out their performances here:

Note: I feel so happy this night. I don't know if it's just my fangirling imagination or Nyan-nyan really read my tweet on her >.< I really, or should I say, I'm craving to see KojiYuu's pic because all I can see on her and Marichan's twitter is their picture! err! It's not I don't like Mariko, it's just I ship KojiYuu more than MariHaru XD

I'm thinking a hundred times if I will tweet her or not because I know that she will not read it or just ignore it or whatever. haha ... but then, I give it a try. =D

After the NTV Best Artist ended, there's a lot of updates including Yuka Masuda's Graduation on twitter. I even saw first Yuuchan's blog update. So while I'm scrolling lazily because I'm thinking that there will be no KojiYuu pic for tonight, I suddenly saw this tweet and I read it like a child who's learning how to read:

Yu-u-ko-ri-su ..

Hahahah! Then I realized that it was Yuko! So I opened it quickly and viola! I'm right! It's KojiYuu! >.<

I forgot that I can do this to make sure that I'm right. It's just my reflexes and instincts run automatically to make my hand click that link .. XD

Here are the pictures that @kojiharu @mariko_dayo posted on twitter :))
(from Yuko's blog)


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