[AKB48] Yuka Masuda Announced her Graduation/Retirement

AKB48's Team K, Yuka Masuda announced her graduation through her BLOG.


Tomorrow, Shukan will publish an article. The details is about me staying over at DA PAMP’s ISSA-san’s house. Even though the article has some incorrect details, this is also a truth.
To do such an hasty act that made people misunderstood, I’ve created trouble. I’ve let the fans who supported me, team members, juniors, staff and my family down.

What can I do in the future? I thought a lot, and to take responsibility, even though it is sudden, I’ve decided to graduate from AKB.
The fans who supported me since the past, to graduate in such a manner, I’m apologetic. As the scandal made everyone worried, I’d like to apologize to everyone so I wrote this entry.

Credits: wen48 on tumblr

Shukan Bunshun:


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