Maeda Atsuko with Taylor Swift

Former AKB48 member and Ace, Maeda Atsuko met her idol, Taylor Swift! The two will have an interview and it will be aired on November 29 21:50-21:55 at Maeda's radio show in Tokyo FM called, "Maeda Atsuko's Heart Songs"

Maeda felt so much happiness when her idol told that she can call her "Tay" and in return, Taylor will call Maeda as "Acchan" since it is her popular nickname way back when she was in AKB48.

Some of the topics on their interview was about Acchan's favorite songs from Taylor's Album as they both talked about their meanings then lead to fashion talks. Maeda is a self-proclaimed fan of Taylor. She went to see the singer's live performance in private and she also played her song (You Belong with me) when her radio show was first aired last April 5, 2010.

Their interview only last for 30 minutes but it will be cut into four so it'll fit her radio program schedule which is only for 5 minutes. Maeda stated, "I love Tay the most in the world, I'm really glad that I have come to meet you. When I'm sad, I always listen to her songs and it gives me encouragement to always do my best". Then when Taylor knew about her being solo, the singer encouraged the actress to do her best and said "I support you all the way".

Source: Model Press | aramatheydidnt for additional translations

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