[SKE48] Guinness World Record for their 1st Album

SKE48's 1st Album, Kono Hi no Chime o Wasurenai (この日のチャイムを忘れない, I don't forget Chime of this day) which was released last September 19 was awarded/certifies by the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Music Video Entered in an Album. The ceremony was held in Tokyo. Matsui Rena was surprised about it and stated "While working in SKE48, I did not think of recognizing by the Guinness so I want to share our joy and happiness to everyone". The album have 63 music videos for each member

On the same day, the other members who attended the certification burst out with joy like saying "Wow!" "Yay!" "Wah!" then Matsui Rena stated again "I want to display the this certificate in our official theater that will be opened this December 9"

Speaking of Guinness Book of World Records, AKB48 was also certified by it as a large pop group in the word.

"For ours, the fact that everyone's works have been put into one and has been certified. The directors made them with affection for the members, so we're winning with love" -Takayanagi Akane

Source: Oricon


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