[SKE48] Untitled 11th Single Announced

AKB48's sister group SKE48 announced that they will release their 11th single on January 30 next year. It was announced last November 18 during their handshake event at Pacifico Yokoyama for their single "Kiss Datta Hidarikiki". Matsui Rena stated, "I have an important announcement for everyone!" then a message flashed on the monitor saying "The second chapter of SKE48 will start"  then it was followed by the announcement of the opening of their official theater on December 9.

The members are also not informed  of this new single as it was announced suddenly. The title and the senbatsu members who included in here will be revealed soon.

Source: natalie | SKE48 Official Channel

As stated before, Yagami Kumi's graduation, the fans are still wondering if she will still be part of this single since there's still no official statement or announcement when she will graduate from the group.


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