[SKE48] Yagami Kumi (Kuumin) Announced her Graduation

Yagami Kumi (矢神久美) of SKE48 Team S, announced her graduation in her Google+ account.
"I would like to thank everyone for the support over the years. I was able to grow in this environment thanks to fans"
"I have been thinking about this for about one year, and decided to announce it today. Sorry about the sudden announcement"
"I haven't decided when to graduate and will discuss this with the management. Please support me until the very end."

Credits to: MelosnoMichi for translations 

Okay, one of my SKE oshi announced her graduation -.- Even though I'm not that addicted to her, I still like if she's around with AKB and of course, SKE. I like her since I start knowing about AKB when I watched her in Majisuka Gakuen as Shibuya's (Tomochin) underling then it was followed by AKB0048 and MJ3 -.-
What's with the sudden graduation?! 0048 still have part 2 next year! Why will you graduate? :(


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