[AKB48] Kasai Tomomi Announced her Graduation


AKB48's Team A Kasai Tomomi announced her graduation during the 2nd Kouhaku of their group today (12.17) in Tokyo Dome City Hall. Before she performed her 1st Solo single "Masaka", she said "I, Tomomi Kasai will graduate from AKB48" then bowed. "I was in the group for 6 and a half years when I entered at the age of 14. I really learned a lot from it"

Kasai apologized to her fans for the sudden announcement. She also said that she really wants to pursue her dream, to be a solo singer.

Details about her graduation time is still undecided.
Source: Oricon

*Okay, another graduation from the second gen -.- After Yuutan then Chiyuu?! What the?! She's not my oshi or either belong to my top 10 but ............. this is too much! :(( I was listening to the live audio streaming of Kouhaku earlier and I heard that she's speaking. I thought it was just about her 1st single so I didn't pay attention on it then suddenly, when I checked the other twitter post, they said she announced her graduation -.- I was like, "Oh My?! Is this true?!"

well, good luck on her solo career. Go Chiyuu! ^.^*


  1. That explains why she got shafted more and more throughout the year. I wonder if it's by choice or by force.

    1. I think it's the opposite. She's graduating because she was getting shafted.


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