[AKB48] Untitled 30th Single

It has been announced that AKB48 will release their 30th Single (still untitled) on February 20 next year. Last year, the group released a single entitled "Give Me Five" which the members played instruments. The song was about graduation, future, journey etc. same as their previous song Sakura no ki ni narou. On that singles, the group reached high sales and topped the Oricon charts. Now, fans are looking forward for this new single. Is there something new that they will do? Can they beat their previous singles sales?

The single consist of 3 types. The Usual type A, K and B which also have a DVD. Limited Edition with Handshake event ticket. Regular Edition that have 1 raw photo.

Source: TowerJP

I'm hoping for a much better single like Give me five and Sakura no ki ni narou. I'm also wondering if there's something new that they will do and who's gonna be the center of this. Well, I'm hoping for Yuko but it seems that Jurina and Mayu are also in for that position. Let's see next year :))


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