Congratulations AKB48!! (54th Japan Record Music Awards)

Omedetou AKB48 for winning 54th Japan Record Music Awards for the second time!! >.<
They also won Best Lyrics for Gingham Check :)
(Info: They are the first Female Idol group who won this prestigious award)

Pic Source: Oricon

Takahashi, General Manager of AKB48 stated, “I am truly happy. Last year, we were desperate to grab the award, but his year, we felt like we must win it as the second chapter for AKB48 has begun. I am proud that we were able to get this award when there are so many great artists here.”

Watanabe Mayu also commented, “As Maeda-san graduated, we, the ones who are left, need to make AKB….” she then had to stop right there, as she could not hold herself, but cry. She continued tearfully, “I am very happy. While being proud of this, I would like to continue trying our best. Though we felt some pressure, receiving the award will make us gain confidence, and I hope it will bring another good accomplishment.”
TransSource: TokyoHive

Maeda Atsuko, former member was also watching the said Awards Night as she keep on posting on her twitter account. She first said that she received a call from the AKB48 General Manager, Takamina. Then when the winner announced, she posted "Yatta~" and followed by "Omedetou Minnasan". Shinoda Mariko also thanked her for watching them.

Here are their performances:

Winning Performance:


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