Maeda Atsuko will perform on Music Station Super Live 2012!

Former AKB48 member, Maeda Atsuko will perform as a solo artist on the next Music Station Super Live 2012 which will be held on Friday night 12.21 on TV Asahi from 6:53pm to 11:50pm JST.

"It's been a while since the last time that I've been on a music program. I want it to enjoy with you" she stated.

Source (check for other details): Oricon | Natalie

*At last! After a long time! Acchan will perform again in a music show >.< I wonder what she will sing >.< I will just lie if I will not say that I'm hoping for a new single. LOL but I guess she will just sing Migikata or Kimi wa Boku da.
One last thing that I'm hoping for is some pictures from our great Mariko-sama XD I'm sure they will gather all together since AKB will also perform on the said show >.<*

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  1. I also think so ... maybe she'll sing Migikata, Kimi wa bokuda or Flower ..
    I also hope Acchan soon have a new single ...
    although Acchan's dream is to become an actress but I still hope for a new single because I really miss Acchan's voice ... -_-


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