[AKB48] 3-Part Drama "So Long!"


In promoting their 30th Single "So Long!" wchich will be release on February 20, AKB48 will air a special 3-part drama which is also entitled same as their single. This drama will air every night on NTV starting from February 11-13 (24:18 JST).

It is a three different drama stories which will focus on the three teams. Shinoda Team A will focus on Shinoda Mariko and Watanabe Mayu as a ballerina students. Oshima Team K will be a rivalry between Oshima Yuko and Matsui Jurina while on Umeda Team B it will be a set up in school with a graduation theme that will focus on Shimazaki Haruka as a student and Kojima Haruna as the teacher.

Source: Mantan | Oricon


Kinda excited with this >.< it's been a long time since the last time that they had a drama together. I found the 2nd part interesting. The rivalry between Yuuchan and Juju. It's like a real rivalry between them as the centers. hmm~ I wonder what will happen or how will the story go on those three. Let's watch it everyone! ^.^


  1. Why Not Paruru as a centre? or Yukosan as a centre? Can you help me to explain it? :) i think Mayuyu or Jurina not good to be a centre,, because face of Jurina and Mayuyu is not good to be a centre,, if i Akimoto-P i chose Yuko and Paruru as a double centre and then second row are Takamina, Yukirin, Nyan-Nyan, Sayaka Yamamoto, Mayuyu, Miyuki, and Itano Tomomi. and then 3rd row are Jurina, Rena, Mariko-san, Yokoyama Yui, Miichan, Sashihara Rino, kItahara Rie

    1. Owh, how am I going to explain this XD
      I think Paru still can't handle to be the center. If she will become a center instantly, her haters will rage more.
      Specially, Mayu or Jurina's fans. They will wonder why Paru suddenly become the center.

      For Yuuchan, hmm.. I think Aki-P didn't assign her as the center so that the fans will not get used to it because we all know, someday, she will graduate so they need to practice and make the fans love the new generation. As a Yuko oshi now, I already accept her situation now :D
      and I'm ready for her future announcement of graduation.

      Mayu and Jurina? Not good to be the center? well, it's your opinion :)
      They are the most popular new generation now. it's obvious with Mayu's rank on the last senbatsu while on Jurina's part, she's popular with both AKB and SKE.

      That's what I think from my observations ^^'


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