[AKB48] 30th Single at Kayou-Kyoku

Here's a preview of their 30th Single "So Long" on today's Kayou Kyoku :)

I really like the song but ..... the center/s -.- I thought Yuuchan will be one of it but when I saw the first part, it's Mayu followed by Jurina and Paru. It's not that I don't like them but ........ err! the wrong for me is I expect it too much -.-

Well, I think this is better for the group. Since Acchan graduated, the group should have the next center to represent them. I think Aki-P is readying the young members for it and if they will make Yuuchan to be the center for the future singles, a deja vu will occur if she will announce her graduation.

Now, I'm ready if she will announce her graduation soon :) But of course, I will feel sad for it and ......
Please Yuuchan, stay a little more longer for Nyan-nyan XD If my oshis will graduate, I can now see what will happen to me in this addiction. I might end up going back to my JE Boys .. XD


  1. Oh no, please, not JE Boys! They are awkward when posing topless! >.<

    Anonymous Cave Person

  2. I prefer paruru to be a center
    paruru looks like acchan ...
    paruru can not express her feelings well .. paruru also not good at MC ... and paruru's hairstyle also looks like acchan ...n_n
    so I prefer paruru to be the next center ...

    but ACCHAN still THE ABSOLUTE CENTER forever...

    1. She can't handle that position at this time .. Maybe Aki-P is still training her or she needs more experience plus Mayu and Jurina are still in the group ..
      She can't beat those girls xD


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