[AKB48] Akimoto Sayaka debuted as a Japanese Teacher

AKB48's former Team K captain, Akimoto Sayaka made her debut as a foreigners Japanese Teacher in a magazine which will be published in 5 pages.

Akimoto witnessed that foreigners should learn Japanese. She was born between a Japanese Father and a Filipino Mother.She had a class which contains 5 students. "Hi! I'm Akimoto Sayaka and Thank you for today!" she said and she feels like it's even more nervous than performing in a concert.

Source: ModelPress

Oh Sayachan, please be my teacher XD I'm glad that she's a filipina. I hope she will come to the Philippines soon >.<

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  1. She agreed that "foreigners should learn Japanese"?? :D
    I Want Too!! I only know how to read the hiragana/katakana and some kanji, in other words, I can understand some written Japanese but can't understand dialogue form at all! >.<"
    Akimoto Sayaka sensei... Yoroshiku!


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