[AKB48] Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2013 ~Day4~ + DL Link

Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2013 ~Day4~
Download full show HERE or

Setlist: Day1 | Day2 | Day3 | Day4

25. Plastic no Kuchibiru - Shinoda Mariko
24. Junjou Shugi - Katayama Haruka | Nakaya | Nito Moeno

-MC: Oshima Y. | Minegishi | Shinoda M. | Takahashi M. | Akimoto S. | Shimazaki H.-

23. Shonichi - Team B
22. Omoide Ijou - Matsui J., Kuwabara, Hiramatsu
21. Kitagawa Kenji - NMB48
20. Avocado Ja~ ne shi - Watanabe Mayu, Sashihara Rino
19. Heart Gata Virus - Kojima Haruna, Kitahara Rie, Takajo Aki
18. Kodoku no Runner - SND48

-MC: SND48-

17. Kimi to koto ga Suki Dakara - Original Undergirls (Matsui R. - Ichikawa)
16. UZA
15. Kareha no Station - Matsui Rena
14. Gingham Check
13. Ookami to Pride - Yagami Kumi, Kizaki Yuria

-MC: Yagami Kumi | Kizaki Yuria-

12. First Rabbit
11. Juuryoku Sympathy - Team Surprise

-MC: Sashihara Rino | Yamada Nana | Ogasawara | Kotani | Nakanishi C | Kuwabara-

10. Nakinagara Hohoende - Oshima Yuko

-MC: Yamamoto | Kishino | Ogasawara | Yamada | Kotani | Fukumoto | Jonishi-

09. Yume no Kawa (w/ Maeda Atsuko's VTR)

-MC: Takahashi M, Kojima H, Itano, Minegishi, Shinoda M (1st Generation)-

08. Yokaze no Shiwaza - Kashiwagi Yuki

-MC: Takahashi M, Minegishi, Kizaki Yuria-

07. Team B Oshi - Team B (Kashiwagi)
06. Itoshiki Natasha - Sashihara, Katayama, Tanabe
05. Mushi no Ballad - Akimoto Sayaka

-MC: Comedy Duo-

04. Heavy Rotation

-MC: (Too many to mention XD)-

03. Ue Kara Mariko - 2011 Janken Senbatsu
02. Kiseki wa Ma ni Awanai - Miyazawa, Matsui J., Nonaka

-MC: Oshima Y, Minegishi, Akimoto, Miyazawa, Matsui J, Nonaka-

01. Hashire! Penguin - Team 4


EN1. Waiting Room - Undergirls (30th Single)
EN2. So Long!
EN3. Manatsu no Sounds Good!


SDN48 will do a revival performance at AKB Theater on 03.31.2013
Concert at Nissan Stadium on June 2013

Okay, I really didn't expect this top list for this year -.- All of the best songs rank down (eg. Beginner, River etc.) and the most thing that made me shock is the TOP 1! I .. I can't believe it! I'm glad that Hebirote finally left the number one spot BUT if its Hashire! Penguin?!! On Number One?!! daheck! I still prefer Hebirote to be number one -.-

It's not that I dislike so much Hashire Penguin, I just can't feel that song. Well, this is just my opinion :)


  1. same feeling as the writter seriously, Hashire Penguin as 1st? It just never cross my mind(or any others)

    2nd ranked song is surprising as well, kiseki wa ma ni awanai is kinda old song yet it got boosted up suddenly

    1. ya this year was a big surprise with rankings. But fans are really nice if you think about it. To let Hashire penguin be #1 for team 4 since they disbanded & r now doing their best in A-K-B teams, and #2 for Sae's song since she's going to SNH48 :) next year will prob be diff results, can't wait. Though I do wish river, beginner and the other songs that used to be Acchan center rank higher next year :D

  2. Didn't think Hashire Penguin would be #1 either but it's acceptable!

    Go, (former) Team 4 <3

    At least fans let management (talking to you, Aki-p!) know that fans miss SDN48 and Team 4!!

  3. no downloads??? i really enjoyed this day the most...i was very happy for the twin towers...mushi no ballad at #5 and kiseki at #2 was the excitement of the night, in my opinion.

    1. I agree with that. I'm so proud when Sayaka appeared on the fifth one >.<
      btw, download link is now posted :)

  4. do you have any link to download? like the third day?

  5. Would you like to reupload this link? Because the file it's gone. Thanks in advance

    1. Haaah... What should I call you? Erica or anything else? Thank you for saving my download lol, it stucked at 87% . Keep posting !

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. But in the fact, the fans are like Hashire Penguin much more than Hebirote ,....LOL

  8. where can i download it ? esp. the full show one
    it's all in chinese language, i cant understand.


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