[AKB48] Itano Tomomi will graduate this year


Today is the film showing of AKB48's 3rd Documentary "NO FLOWER WITHOUT RAIN" and on the said event, Itano Tomomi announced that she will graduate this year.

She asked, "When will this footage be broadcast?"
She answered, "I will graduate AKB48 in the next year. Since this will be broadcast next february, It's going to be this year. I would like to go to the next step"

According to fans who attended the premiere event, she originally intended to announce her graduation at a concert in the spring, but Mr. Akimoto gave her an advice that it will be more like Itano if a slip of tongue, accidentally, reveals her true thoughts in an interview, she said during the event.

“I’m not sure since when I started thinking about my graduation. I guess I’ve thought about it all the time.
Although, regarding Atsuko’s graduation, what she decided affected me significantly, this is not something that I decided in a hurry. I hope we will keep doing our best from now on, too.”

After Itano’s speech, other members including Minegishi Minami showed up at the stage. Minegishi offered an apology. Takahashi Minami, a peer 1gen member of Minegishi and Itano, then shared her thoughts on both of them.

Graduation date is still undecided.

Sources: AKB48WrapUp | Oricon | ModelPress | Natalie


This ... This is really too much for the start of this year!!! A lot of graduations, dating rumors and scandals!! What the hell is happening to the 48 world?! After Miichan's shaved hair yesterday, now it's Tomochin graduating?! There are really a lot of members but my Oshimens are getting few -.-

I will be not surprised if the other 1st gens will announce their graduation -.- If my Oshimens will graduate, I'll also graduate from this fandom. I'm still not ready for the younger/new generations. -.-
Please Yuuchan and Nyan-nyan, announce your graduation together so I'll feel ONLY ONE hurt impact to my heart >.<


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