[AKB48] Shukan Bunshun - Kashiwagi Yuki with Soccer Players

After releasing Minegishi Minami's scandal, Shukan Bunshun strikes again with their latest AKB scandal. They said that one of the AKB's popular member, Kashiwagi Yuki had a midnight party with the young soccer players.


Kashiwagi Yuki, a popular member of the idol group AKB48, joined a dating party with professional soccer players in the midnight of January 12.

Weekly tabloid magainze Shunkan Bunshun published a photo of them partying.
It may cause controversy since Kashiwagi Yuki is known for her clean and pure image among fans.

Members who joined the party along with Kashiwagi were Minegishi Minami, the girl who’s been in a center of attention right now, and 明日花 Kirara, a porno actress.

The male partners for them in the dating party include Ogiwara Takahiro(21) and Sugimoto Kenyu(20), both were London Olympic representatives in soccer.

Kashiwagi’s agency admitted the fact that Kashiwagi joined the party, but insisted that “she wan’t informed that the party had male participants in advance, as well as the porno actress.” while Minegishi’s agency stated “it was not a dating party. We were told that it was a meal meeting with only female participants”

Source: Shukan Bunshun; Trans: AKBWrapUp

-I was in school when I read this scandal again that Bunshun published -.- I was like, "EHH?! Another one?!"  I can't post an update on my blog nor on any site because of our hectic schedule -.-

This isn't right -.- Bunshun! STOP ruining our idols LIFE!! 
If this is really true, what Yukirin said before will be nonsensical -.-
No matter what happens, I still believe in her >.<
and to those Yukirin and Miichan fans who are now raging, can we please just support them and be on their sides specially in this kind of situation? Their situation might get worse if they'll know that they're fans are like that -.-

Specially for Miichan (I'm not favoring anyone of them), I'm sure she'll blame herself even more because Yukirin get involved because of her. Let's help them to decrease the stress that they're feeling right now. Don't let that Bunshun RUIN our Idols and even our relationship with our co-wotas.

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  1. This really bad... I mean these tabloids are searching for something like this and I can not understand this. I think they have a right to live in private too. Of course I will support them!!!


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