Maeda Atsuko to star in a drama this April


After her graduation, Atsuko Maeda will once again star in a drama in Fuji TV that will be aired every Tuesday's at exactly 10pm JST starting in April which is entitled "Kasuka na Kanojo" together with SMAP's member Katori Shingo. She will play a role of a teacher in this drama.

"I'm really looking forward to this. I'm already excited ever since I received the story plot before filming" She said.

The drama is a romantic comedy which will set in a junior high school. Katori Shingo who will play the role as Koyama Akira will be a protagonist teacher that has an ability to sense ghosts. Kawai Chiho will be played by Maeda who's role is the assistant homeroom teacher of Koyama Akira's class.

Source: Oricon


  1. can't wait to see her in dorama

    ganbatte acchan :)

  2. acchan so kawaiiii ...
    I'm love this blog ..
    kept up to date news of akb48 + acchan and provide a link to download the files of akb48 + acchan too.. n_+
    Ganbatte and thanks achuuru-san ..


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