[Random] Atsumina - Migikata Mix

Just a random post since my Atsumina feelings are overflowing ^^; >.<
I've made a mix version of Migikata. I don't know if it'll be pleasing to your ears LOL I just want to share it ^^
I've made Minami and Atsuko's voice panned on left and right so (maybe) you'll notice it if you're going to use headphones/earphones ^^
Soon, I'm planning to re-edit this and add some musical instruments :))

You can download it here: http://www.4shared.com/mp3/30h3iYFU/Atsumina_-_Migikata_Mix.html?


[Download] Takahashi Minami - Jane Doe Type ABC+Theater (MP3 + PVs)

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Maeda Atsuko's Official Website!


It has been announced before that Maeda Atsuko will open up her own website and today, March 29, Acchan announced on her twitter that it's now finally UP!!

Check out the website and register for FREE to receive newsletters! http://www.atsuko-maeda.com/


Maeda Atsuko will not sign on this year's election

To answer our questions about the graduates who can join on the upcoming AKB48's 5th Senbatsu Election, Maeda Atsuko stated on her twitter account that she will not be joining as she will be busy on those months because of shooting abroad. She also said that she will support every member wholeheartedly.

On her MTV VMAJ 2013 press con which she will be the MC, she was asked about it but she remained silent on the said issue.

Sources: Twitter | Oricon | Yahoo


Maeda Atsuko on MTV VMAJ 2013

The MC of the upcoming MTV VMAJ 2013 (MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2013) will be Maeda Atsuko and Nobuaki Kaneko. The press conference was held today, March 28.
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[AKB48] 5th Senbatsu Election and 31st Single

The annual Senbatsu Sousenkyo (Election) of AKB48 has been announced! It will be held at the Nissan Stadium during their "Super Festival" which was entitled "AKB48 Super Festival ~Nissan Stadium Chicchee! Chicchakunaishi!!~" 「AKB48スーパーフェスティバル ~日産スタジアム、ちっちぇっ!ちっちゃくないし!!~」 on June 8.

The voting ticket for this election is included on their 31st Single which will be released on the 22th of May and the participating members will be included on the 32nd Single that will be released on August. 
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Maeda Atsuko at 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival


Maeda Atsuko walked on the red carpet of the 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival today, March 23rd to represent their movie "Kuro Yuri Danchi". The said event was held on Okinawa Convention in Ginowan, Okinawa Prefecture. With her co-star Narimiya Hiroki, Maeda appeared in a blue dress, revealing her sexy collar bones. The audience on the event was glued on Maeda's cute smile <3

Source: ModelPress


Maeda Atsuko reveals her childhood pics

Maeda Atsuko showed her childhood pictures in the latest Marumiya's CM "Mabo Tofu no Moto". Together with Miyake Yuji who has been a star for this product for more than 20 years, Maeda played a role of being his daughter.
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[AKB48] New Team - Team BS


AKB48 formed another team called "Team BS" (Broadcasting Satellite) that will campaign NHK's BS TV Channel. The campaign will start from March 20 until  March 30. There are posters also that will be posted at the Tokyo Metro from April 8.
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[AKB48] New Charity Song "Tenohira ga Kataru Koto"

Download AKB48's new charity song in their official website:

The site is also encouraging you to donate to help the victims of the earthquake :)


Maeda Atsuko to star in "Aki to Fuyu no Tamako"

Maeda Atsuko will star in a 30 minutes drama entitled "Aki to Fuyu no Tamako" that will be aired on April 27th at "MUSIC! TV! / M-ON!".
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Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko at 36th Japan Academy Awards


Oshima Yuko wins Popularity Prize of Japan Academy Awards and it was awarded by her former colleague, Maeda Atsuko. The ceremony was held today, March 08, 2013.

Source: Mantan
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[AKB48] Takahashi Minami's "Jane Doe" Covers + Tracklist

AKB48's Soukantoku, Takahashi Minami's Solo Debut Single "Jane Doe" tracklist and covers with a special cover of Migikata (Type C) who originally sang by former member, Maeda Atsuko.

Type A
01. Jane Doe
02. Yabureta Hane
03. Sabita Lock
04-06 Off Vocals

01. Jane Doe PV
02. Yabureta Hane PV
03. Takahashi Minami no Kiseki Part 1 ~Kyoudai Group wo Matomeru Chiisana Soukantoku~
04. Jane Doe Making

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Maeda Atsuko to open her own website


Maeda Atsuko revealed on her twitter that she had a fan meeting and decided to build her own fan club website. The website will probably contain a photo, questions and blog corner (just like what the fans said).  Acchan also said that she had a talk with the fans about movies. The implementation of this website is still unknown.

Kyaaaaaa~ I'm excited about this!! We can still get closer to her because of this!! More updates! More Acchan! Everyday Acchan!! >.< XD I'm glad that she still want to communicate with her fans >.<
Acchan, you really made my heart happy :'))


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