[AKB48] 5th Senbatsu Election and 31st Single

The annual Senbatsu Sousenkyo (Election) of AKB48 has been announced! It will be held at the Nissan Stadium during their "Super Festival" which was entitled "AKB48 Super Festival ~Nissan Stadium Chicchee! Chicchakunaishi!!~" 「AKB48スーパーフェスティバル ~日産スタジアム、ちっちぇっ!ちっちゃくないし!!~」 on June 8.

The voting ticket for this election is included on their 31st Single which will be released on the 22th of May and the participating members will be included on the 32nd Single that will be released on August. 
According to AKB48's Official Blog, the election has a new rules for the members who are allowed to join and they are:
  • The members in AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48
  • Former AKB48 members who transferred to the sister groups in overseas (Takajo Aki, Nakagawa Haruka, Suzuki Mariya, Miyazawa Sae)
  • Members who have been in the group for more than 4 years.
The voting period is on: May 21 at 10:00 am ~ June 7 at 3:00 pm (JST)

On the 3rd rule, does that mean that the graduated members can join the election? How about the members who already announced their graduation? Will Acchan and the other graduated members join in this? All of our questions will be answered once the AKS gives us the official list of candidates :)

Sources: AKB48 Official Blog (1, 2) | ModelPress | Oricon



  1. How about the other JKT members??? It's unfair!!! Graduates get to join, and JKT members (except team kaigai) are not allowed to join?!?!

    1. yeah that's seems pretty make sense. when the graduated members are allowed to participate in election while their overseas sister group members (beside team kaigai)aren't is totally unfair. let's say they won't get much voted, but, it is still unfair. i agree with you.

    2. Well I wouldn't say it it's TOTALLY unfair... I mean at the moment.. all groups aren't exactly united as one... there's pretty much boundaries where the groups in Japan are more united than in other places... (well that's kinda obvious since that's its origin)but I mean, the kaigai groups don't exactly promote alongside... they are somewhat independent or at a different pace. Maybe it'll be more at equilibrium for all the groups in the future, but at the moment, I really can't see everyone mingling together... I mean, I guess they are just keeping it simple.... it'd be a bit confusing if they were to have the single with all sorts of different languages (IMO because i like consistency). voting is one thing... then promoting the single afterwards is another.. they have to consider their target market and everything...I think it would make more sense to have the sousenkyo held in the their own countries (for the fans's sake) then maybe once it gets popular in other countries, combine it as one....

    3. But, even though they have different mother tounge, they can make it when melody(JKT48) is selected to participate in NEW SHIP. Besides, rena(JKT48) and ayana(JKT48)'s japanese is very fluent (the fact that rena is a japanese and ayana is japanese halfblood) and I don"kt think MUCH will rank. And chinese's langauge and accent is similar to japanese's

  2. AKB48 32nd single Senbatsu General Election
    How To Install and Vote AKB Mobile Apps for iOS
    Let's Vote for Kashiwagi Yuki ! Yukirin !(period 5.21-6.7)


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