Maeda Atsuko will not sign on this year's election

To answer our questions about the graduates who can join on the upcoming AKB48's 5th Senbatsu Election, Maeda Atsuko stated on her twitter account that she will not be joining as she will be busy on those months because of shooting abroad. She also said that she will support every member wholeheartedly.

On her MTV VMAJ 2013 press con which she will be the MC, she was asked about it but she remained silent on the said issue.

Sources: Twitter | Oricon | Yahoo


  1. Yeah. i'm sure if Acchan join with it she will win again... n_n

    but, whatever her choice, i will support her

    1. me too ^.^
      and I really don't mind if she will join or not XD
      if she joins, then I'll vote for her
      if not, then it's fine :))
      I'll just support her on her upcoming activities ^^


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