[Random] Atsumina - Migikata Mix

Just a random post since my Atsumina feelings are overflowing ^^; >.<
I've made a mix version of Migikata. I don't know if it'll be pleasing to your ears LOL I just want to share it ^^
I've made Minami and Atsuko's voice panned on left and right so (maybe) you'll notice it if you're going to use headphones/earphones ^^
Soon, I'm planning to re-edit this and add some musical instruments :))

You can download it here: http://www.4shared.com/mp3/30h3iYFU/Atsumina_-_Migikata_Mix.html?


  1. well done...
    nice Achuu-san..
    i love it..n_n

  2. Sorry Achuu-san, I can't seem to download it. It always stop in 700kb. :(
    But I really wanna listen to it! :(

  3. Arigatou ,,
    it's my favorite song :D

  4. hey there, just found this great place of yours.

    overall, you did a fantastic job with the mixing. I'm just wondering if you could lower the sound from Takamina side just a little bit.

    Anyway youre awesome

  5. Nice, i love this song :) . You did a great job ^-^ (y)


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