[AKB48] Akimoto Sayaka announced her Graduation

AKB48's former Team K Captain, Akimoto Sayaka, announced on her official blog that she will not participate on the upcoming Election same as graduating from the group.

Blog Translation:

The Senbatsu General Election. Today is the deadline to run as a candidate for the general election.

Until the very last minute, I was thinking in my own way if I would participate, and while I was thinking about it, it also led me to start thinking of when the timing for my graduation would be.

These past 8 years, I’ve learned and felt a lot of things, and enjoyed the joys of my youth. Because of Akimoto Sensei, staff members, fans, fellow members, family, and other innumerable supports, Akimoto Sayaka is here now. I’m truly grateful.

However, my thoughts that I wanted to step up to a new world while keeping things I learned and experienced from AKB48 in mind, and that I wanted to gain more experiences in order to pursue my future dream to be an actress, got stronger.

Thus, after thinking thoroughly, I’ve decided to make an announcement at this point of the general election.

I, Akimoto Sayaka, will graduate from AKB48 without participating in the upcoming Senbatsu general elections.

Sources: Oricon | Tokyohive (for blog translation) | Akimoto Sayaka's Official Blog

-Okay, I really felt sad about this :( No more Half filipino member in the group :(
Early in the morning I felt happy when I figured out that Takamina finally signed her candidacy same as Yuko, Nyan-nyan and Juju on the other day. But this ...... *sigh why? :(

I guess she did the right thing and I already predicted that this will happen. She's been demoted from being a captain and she's not part of senbatsu anymore. So, whatever she will do, I wish her Goodluck and I'll still support her <3 Ganbatte Akigori :((

It's only Miichan that I'm waiting now .... today is the last day of filing for candidacy and I hope that she will join >.< (edit: she already joined! Yatta~!!) My votes will go to Yuko, Haruna, Takamina, Mariko and Miichan >.<
For Yuko's fans, don't be confident enough that she will win again, WE still need to vote to the fullest!! We never know what will happen.

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  1. one by one the best members start to graduate.
    it's time for the cherry blossoms begin to bloom
    Good luck, you're acting in akbimyo is very good, i enjoyed it. in detective conan-life action too.I believe you to be a good artist.

    I support paruru Achu-san. i don't know, I started to like this girl..n_n


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