Atsuko's Twitter Pic Spam + Sousenkyo 2013 Recap

We all know that yesterday was the 32nd Single Senbatsu Election. I'm sure all wotas out there were so nervous too for their oshimen. And to be honest, I'm so disappointed on the results that's why I didn't post the final results here lol (since you can also find it on other sites :p)

Most of my Oshimen ranked downnnnnn. Aargg. Takamina, Nyan-nyan, Miichan and specially, Yuko !! while Mariko remained on the top 5 spot BUT she announced her graduation :((
I don't know what the hell happened yesterday. I was so freakin' nervous when the top 2 was announced. I was prayin' and hopin' that Sashi will be called. (Its not that I don't like her, it's just I can't imagine her being center lol)

Then there it was, Yuko was called -.-

I don't know why Yuko was laughing, fans were laughing, other members were laughing.. THEY WERE ALL LAUGHING LOL maybe they already expected that this will happen and they were prepared for it? Oh nevermind, I don't want to rant again because of that since Yuko seemed happy on the results :))

The other thing that was bothering me is Acchan. hmm the news said that she will be the guest on the said election and I am expecting that she will appear at the stage like on the last election. But all that she did is watching lol maybe she was really going to the stage if Yuko ranked 1st? hmm

Those disappointments yesterday was gone Atsuko lighten up our moods when she tweeted a looooot of pics including Atsuminaaaa. aksdhajkshdakhsd !! >.< Its been awhile since the last time that the shippers saw the two of them together :"> Okay, I can't express what I feel towards them now hahaha. I'm having a big grin on my face again >.<


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