[Online Game] Audition Profile

Audition Dance Battle Philippines Info:

 IGN: Karupin changed to Acchan 
Fam: Exclusives
Current Level: 39 (Pro)
Couple: None
Other Audistas Keep on asking me
“Why I Choose to have a male character rather than a girl one”
Here’s the answer:
- I started playing Audition since 2ndyr. when I heard the song
“Going Crazy” by Jung Hyun Lee.
Actually, My first character was a Girl named “ericajcm”
when it reached level 12 (Freedom)
I met a guy named “nicolai” (can’t remember the exact ign).
after a few days/weeks, we decided to get married on the next day.
I am very excited at that time
because it was my first time to experience the “Audition Wedding Ceremony” 
On the next day, when I enter at the Audition Town,
I’ve got a message indicating that nicolai splits up with my character. 
I asked him why, and he said that he is not responsible for doing it,
and it is his cousins fault.
After that incident, I decided to create a male account
and until now, I’m happy using it with NO Regrets. 

Note: I do have a female character on AuditionSEA named, "Kerupin" and another in AuditionPH also (I forgot the name XD) but as of now, I'm not active on it because of my busy schedule at school and also in fangirling 


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